Coffee + TEa

Old fourth ward



Academy Coffee seeks to serve up a unique specialty experience in Atlanta’s coffee scene.

The Academy, in terms of art history, is the group of elites who define what high art is at the time. However, in a beautiful bit of irony, the major art movements we study as historically significant were all started as a direct opposition of the high art of the time. As Academy Coffee we look at the “academy” of coffee purists and seek to subvert the status quo. We strive to make educated pairings that elevate the solid foundation of great coffee to a drink that far surpasses its ingredients alone.

After opening in the summer of 2018, we are quickly cementing our ability to serve the community in new and inventive ways. By creating truly unique beverages our aim is to demystify the specialty coffee industry. Through candid conversation and collaborative efforts we are creating an environment where anyone, coffee nerd or not, can come and learn about their relationship with coffee and tea. We believe coffee can live outside of four walls. We want to bring you coffee at your favorite events, concerts, festivals, and more.





660 Irwin Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
at The Irwin Street Market



M closed
T-F 7a–7p
S-Su 9a–8p


Connan Moody

Growing up in Atlanta, Connan moved back home after pursuing degrees in graphic and industrial design in Brooklyn, New York. During his eight year tenure in the city he started working at various coffee shops around New York, boasting positions anywhere from sandwich dude to manager and barista educator.

Exploring the vast world of coffee, Connan has found his passion in the meticulous crafting of unique coffee beverages. Always having a keen interest in flavor pairings, Connan went on to win the 2017 Stumptown Strangebrews competition, and continues to constantly explore new flavor combinations.


Michelle Moody

 An Atlanta native with stops in New York and New Orleans along the way, Michelle graduated from the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. Still a practicing designer, she has been able to have a very hands on role in the design of the shop.

She loves the time she spends behind the bar at Academy Coffee. Having owned a catering company herself, she has found that the spirit of fellowship is integral to the creation of a great service experience and looks forward to crafting an environment that welcomes people even as we move beyond the shop.

Looking towards the future Michelle will be working further with community engagement in forms of catering, wholesale, and special events.